The education system in our country mainly functions within three levels namely, primary level, school level and higher level. The college education falls within the higher education system. This is to be aware of by the students who are going to be admitted or already admitted in the colleges belonging to rural and tribal areas, like our college. If a student confines his/her educational perception within primary and school levels, the vastness of higher education would not be possible for them to realize. It should not be thought by such students that the college study i.e. 'higher study' is something an extension of school study. Although school study is rudimentary which involves basic facts or principles of the concepts, but higher education involves study of vastness of these concepts and application of the study. Mainly, the higher education generate employability of the subject. If, we could generate such perception within them and then no doubt, the students of this locality could be nationally competent. We firmly believe that the students of this locality do have enough potency to contest against students of urban areas provided such mindset is generated within them.

This was the prime ambition to establish the college in this area by the then initiators. Irrespective of political parties, initiators of this locality were successful to setup the college in the year 2005. The founder principal of this college retired from 30th April 2014 and Dr. Debnarayan Roy joined the college on 27.11.2015 as Principal. Still , we have to lead the college. There are several challenges before us to face every time to make our college united with the main objectives of higher education. At present, we have to construct first floor of the 'B' Block within this fiscal year out of the grants Rs. 63,000,00.00 donated by the DPI, Govt. of West Bengal. The Girls' Hostel of our college is maintained by the internal grants of the college, which is very painstaking. We have to bear the burden of salaries of 18 guest teachers and 8 casual staff out of the internal sources. The college has to be made accredited by NAAC within very short period of time. Fortunately, we have obtained the 2 (f) & 12 B recognition from UGC by the collective effort of the then principal and the present staff of the college. Over and above, huge criteria are to be fulfilled in for achieving a minimum gradation from NAAC. Nevertheless, we are not disappointing. We can achieve our goal and can make our college united with the main stream of higher education only and only by our will-power.

Presently, we have 14 Assistant Professors, 25 Approved Part-Time-Teachers (APTTs) and 12 non teaching staff.

We hope the wishes of God are present with and within us. All the challenges could be overcome in due course of time if we work hard from the point of 'esprit de corps'. We must be successful in future.


The mission of the college is inscribed in the College Logo. The symbol of Book with ignited lamp at the centre beautifully reflects our aim to bring all the students of Jungle Mahal in the arena of higher education and to ignite the light of knowledge and wisdom and to promote sustainable development of the community as a whole.